Quiet your mind and open your heart in this secluded retreat with Celeste Young and Dr. Christiane Wolf, surrounded by nature in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain, located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in Granada.

JULY 22ND - 28TH, 2019


In this very special retreat, we will nourish the body and mind and deepen our Insight practice together, exploring themes such as the balance of stillness and movement and activity and surrender, and how we might integrate this balance into daily life upon returning home. 


The retreat features 3 healthy vegetarian meals a day in a very peaceful and nurturing setting.

There is nothing like this experience. I would like to call it ‘coming home.’ It is so nurturing and healing for the body, mind, and soul. It’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself. It has opened up a whole new way of living

Accommodations at the Lucia Retreat Center


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Celeste Young, Senior Teacher, InsightLA

Celeste Young has been practicing meditation for over 17 years. She offers mindfulness meditation and Dharma classes, retreats, and individual sessions both locally and internationally. Since 2012, Celeste has taught thousands of students the essentials of mindfulness meditation, as well as traditional Buddhist teachings at InsightLA where she is a senior teacher, offering several classes a week to the community. She also works with various nonprofit organizations and companies bringing mindfulness to the workplace in unique and innovative ways. Celeste received formal teaching authorization in the Theravada Buddhist tradition from Trudy Goodman and Jack Kornfield. She strongly believes in the power of mindfulness to heal and connect us to our inherent sense of ease and well being. Connect with Celeste at and on Instagram at @celestebyoung.


Christiane Wolf, Ph.D Senior Teacher, InsightLA, Co-Teacher

About: Christiane loves teaching mindfulness with a good dose of humor, compassion and science. She first encountered Insight and Loving-Kindness meditation in 1988. Before moving Los Angeles in 2003 she worked as an Ob/Gyn at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. 

Christiane is a certified MBSR teacher and co-founded InsightLA’s MBSR program with Trudy in 2005. She is also a supervisor and trainer for MBSR teachers at the CFM (Center For Mindfulness) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the “mothership” of MBSR. She teaches and trains people here in the US and also in Europe. Since it’s start in 2011, Christiane has been the Program Director of InsightLA’s VA CALM grant, a Patient Centered Care Initiative of the Greater Los Angeles Veteran’s Administration to train clinicians and staff in mindfulness and compassion. 

She is a graduate of the Spirit Rock/IMS TT Cohort under the guidance of Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, and others. Connect with Christiane at and on instagram @christianewolfmindfulness


The meditation hall where we will practice meditation and mindful movement

The structure of an Insight meditation retreat includes time for sitting meditation, walking meditation, rest, mindful eating, and Dharma talks along with some instruction and guidance, and short individual practice discussion meetings to support you within the container of a silent retreat. This helps us to deepen our connection to our direct moment to moment experience, cultivate continuity of mindfulness, and awaken the heart and mind for greater ease, balance, and clarity in daily life.  

Christiane and Celeste will be offering some gentle yin yoga and mindful movement practices accessible to all bodies and abilities. We will tend to the heart and mind with compassionate mindfulness and strengthen our connection with ourselves and each other, with time for enjoying nature, deep rest, and practice in this amazing setting. 


Lucia Retreat Center

My first residential meditation retreat experience through InsightLA was a gift to body, mind, and spirit. It provided with the time and space we all deserve to enjoy quiet from the busy chatter of our minds and to really connect with the “me” sitting beneath the noise in a compassionate, mindful and purposeful way.

The Lucia Retreat Center Grounds

You’ll spend your days surrounded by nature and community, in a quiet, peaceful setting nurturing your body, mind and heart through practices of stillness and movement, deepening your meditation practice and connection with yourself and others.

Towards the end of the retreat, there will be the opportunity to explore the region in a guided tour of local attractions.  Summers in Granada can be warm, but the retreat center is air-conditioned and there is a pool on site. 


Lucia Retreat Center

Retreat Fees:

3 or 4 Person Shared Room: $1,900.00

Double Room: $2,150.00

Single Room: $2,450.00

Deluxe Suite (Limited # Available): $2,600.00


Prices all inclusive aside from airfare, including accommodations, 3 delicious, healthy vegetarian meals served daily, and teachings, movement practices and instruction.  Vegan, gluten-free and other dietary needs will be accommodated as well.  

The retreat center can arrange a shuttle from Granada to the venue.  Granada is a touristic city with many taxis and services that you could also arrange on your own.  The 20-minute ride may cost between 30-35 Euros.  

Travel Tips from the Retreat Host in Spain:  

There are lower cost direct flights from Los Angeles to Barcelona with Norwegian or Iberia airlines.  Then take a flight from Barcelona to Granada via Vueling Airline.  This combination can be found for under $500.