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Opening to What is: The 4 Noble Truths

When we understand that our suffering is not personal, and not our fault, it can become a doorway to awakening and compassion, to freedom here and now. The Buddha taught that while suffering is inevitable, there is a cause for our struggle and that cause is ignorance and craving. It is possible to experience freedom, and there is a path to it’s release, and to much greater happiness, joy, and liberation. In this class series we will look deeply into the nature of our own hearts and minds and learn to transform the roots of suffering and attend to the causes of happiness and well being for greater clarity and freedom in our meditation practice and in daily life.

The recommended reading for this book is “Dancing with Life” by Phillip Moffitt. We will be drawing on this material for this class. There will be time for meditation, teachings, discussion and some exercises to take home.