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Compassion, Clarity, and Wisdom

  • insightla 1430 Olympic Boulevard Santa Monica, CA, 90404 United States (map)

This is a 4 week Buddha’s Path class.

In the tradition of Insight meditation, we cultivate clear seeing along with an open heart for greater freedom and ease. Wisdom without compassion can become too cold, whereas compassion without clear seeing can fall into the “near enemy” of pity and lack discernment. In this class series we will explore the relationship between wisdom and compassion in service of liberation for ourselves and all beings, and learn practices such as forgiveness and self-compassion along with methods for developing and deepening equanimity and wisdom for a balanced perspective. It is said that our Insight practice can be likened to a bird with two wings. We need both the wing of compassion and the wing of wisdom for the bird of awakening to fully take flight. Join us as we explore together this balance and deepen your practice in community. Class will include time for meditation, teachings, discussion and some exercises to take home. 

This class is appropriate for those students with previous meditation experience who have taken an introductory mindfulness class or a Buddha's Path class previously.